How many computers?

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 11:19:09 1998

Let me tell you why one of my keyboards now has an 'enter' key with the
corner smashed off by a hammer: the damn Packard Bell with all
integrated serial ports, hard disk controller, etc. wouldn't let me set
my modem up on COM2 or COM4. Plus, this took very long to verify because
the hard disk controller makes the IDE act like a C= 1541.

>> I will say this, though: At this point in the evolution of computers,
>> you find users of your systems are wanting regularly to add on more
>> three (or so) cards or sidecar modules, you have drastically
>> your target market and deserve to start haemorrhaging market share.
>No way!. Maybe for the average consumer PC (build the disk controllers,
>serial/parallel ports, etc into the motherboard), but in my case I'll
>want all sorts of strange special-purpose cards (user I/O, ADC, I2C,
>special disk controllers, etc, etc, etc).
>I've managed to fill the 14 slots in a PC/XT+expansion chassis and
>wanted more!.

BTW, is it possible to build one of those? How does it work?

>> Those don't count. (: Even the monitor and power supply hookups are
>> strips. Sick.

What is a BERG strip?

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