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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 11:41:40 1998

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Doug Yowza wrote:

> I've been hit many times by the same bozos. They almost always use
> unsuspecting sites as spam relays, so I've been notifying these sites and
> trying to shutdown the relays.

Well, considering they are still using the same sites (typically, and I don't think they're paying much attention.

> I love the spaminator idea, but isn't your phone bill going to be pretty
> high this month? Also, the way spammers retaliate against retaliators is
> to include your email address as the return address in their forged
> headers, so you get mail-bombed by naive spam haters.

That's the beauty of the Spaminator: there is no e-mail address to
associate this with. As far as they know, they are being called by some
maniacal contraption from somewhere. IF they are able to figure out where
the calls are coming from, IF they can get their service provider to look
into it, and IF the service provider even has the capability to look into
it, then what? I'm not terribly worried. Also, the beauty of a T-1 is
that the rates are so damn cheap! :)

> Lawsuits appear to be the only effective weapon so far.

I hope that 937 spam songs (at last count this morning) will bring some
manner of cheap and effective restitution.

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