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Date: Wed Jul 15 03:36:12 1998

On 1998-07-13 said:
 cl{Can anybody tell me anything about a machine called
 cl{Laser 128, I have the opportunity to get and understand
 cl{that it is very small with built in drive and may be somewhat
 cl{like an Apple II.
 cl{Gene Ehrich P.O. Box 209 Marlton NJ 08053-0209


    I used to have one a long time ago, the laser 128 is an Apple 2 C
  It runs at about one and a third or some thing like that, MHZ.
  Has a 5.25 inch built in flopy 180 K I think and /ram drive in slot 3
drive 1 I think.
  It isn't a tam card or any thing like that that is just where the system
has the ram drive.
  I had a later model laser 128 ex this one was cruzzing at 3.6 MHZ, also it
had a conecter for an external 3.5 inch flopy.

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