C64 parts

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:06:33 1998

Nope, not reasonabloe ones anyway. I have a C64C and a C128 that I need to get
out of stoage and see what condition they might be in. If you might be
interested in a working or non-working one then contact me direct email later
and by Friday night I should be able to give you the skinny on their
condition. If they're good working units you can hang onto the one you have
now for parts and run the one from me as a good unit. If my units check bad,
you can do the opposite.

Need any 1541 drives? I know I have good ones, not sure if I have any bad

I'm only going to keep my C128D and the rest I'm slowly purging through
selling, trading and with some items - giving.

Dellett, Anthony wrote:

> Okay, I'm gonna come right out and ask it...
> Anyone know a good source of C64/C128 parts in the US (the chips
> mostly). I have a C128 and two C64s that are going to require
> replacement chips and I have no idea where to get them.
> Thanks
> Tony
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