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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:12:04 1998

Nope, the *67 command is free since it gives you the privacy that was there
(supposedly) before caller id. Bad thing ius that even though you keep it from
being seen on the reciever's caller id, in some systems they can call you back
blindly by using *69....

Poesie wrote:

> Speaking of, does *67 cost? I've been up to the same pranks as Sam, w/ a
> local "mass marketer." I vaguely recalled it being a feature that cost
> nothing, but I never was sure. Sorry to keep this thread going, as humourous
> as it is :)
> -Eric
> >Don't forget to dial *67 or whatever the sequence is in your area to
> >disable the caller ID from being passed on to the recipient. If not,
> >they may have proof of your harrassing phone calls (and I'm sure such
> >slime would resort to it...)
> >
> > Megan Gentry

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