Help ID Emulex quad module(here's more info...)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:27:27 1998

At 13:16 15-07-98 -0800, Tim Shoppa <> wrote:
>> >>Two 50-pin-headers strongly points towards this board being a
>> >Pertec-formatted
>> >>tape interface. (like the TC02/TC03). It could also be a communications
>> >>multiplexer, like something from the CS series.
>> "TOP ASSY TC0210201-FSH"
>> Hmmm, that Top Assy number has TC02 in it Tim.
>Told ya' so :-).
>> With that TC02 in the Top Assy number would that mean this is indeed a TC02
>> tape I/F as you figured?
>> If so what tape drive model(s) should I be looking for?
>Just about any Pertec-formatted tape drive will work (even the oddball
>Kennedy formatters which use funny strobes.) Configuration information
>is available from

Found it. Thanks!

>> Okay, anybody have any data on this Andromeda UDC11 module?
>Andromeda certainly does :-).

Yeow! I thought Andromeda was a defunct company! Years ago I had heard of
them, seen advertising and magazine articles, etc. But they're still going!
 They have several Q-bus items and card cages. And they *still* have the
(U)DC11 in their catalog!

That's my type of company. Like me, they are still working at the Trailing
Edge of Technology. :-) Cool!

Thanks for the wake up, Tim.
Regards, Chris
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