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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 21:01:18 1998

<If the caller ID data signal was sent first, it would cause jittering in
< mechanical ringers, and a maddening noise in electronic ones. When the
< ring is detected, the caller ID can 'pick up' the phone line briefly to
< check the data signal, which should be extremely brief. The station
< knows to keep ringing the phone if the user has caller ID. This is my


Caller id senses the ring and does not go off hook as that would disturb
the CO and it is uneeded. Instead the ring is an alert to the caller ID
that data will follow and it's already camped on the line using a non-DC
(capacitor coupled) connection to avoid loading the line. this allows
it to hear the ring and the data.

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