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From: Uncle Roger <sinasohn_at_ricochet.net>
Date: Wed Jul 15 21:53:32 1998

At 01:10 PM 7/12/98 PDT, you wrote:
>black cube, the size of a NeXT cube, but balanced on one corner with
>little feet supporting it. It's made of aluminum and is just a regular

Actually, that sounds like a pretty neat idea. I'll have to check it out...

>uglier than the NeXT, and I don't quite know the reason for making it a

Simple... To differentiate it from the hordes of other technically
identical PC's available. If I had to choose between a standard PC-type
case and something like that (on a consumer level) I'd definitely go for
the oddball. Consider Bang and Olufsen stereos -- same thing.

>cube - it doesn't support four motherboards or anything! Just thought
>you people might be interested.

Hmmm... Seems to me that two PC's stacked on top of each other is just
about a cube. So, why not a case that has two motherboards, with an
integral Monitor/kb/mouse switch...

 ||--- ||
 ||--- ||
 ||--- ||
 || [ ] ---||
 || [ ] ---||
 || [ ] ---||
   ^ ^ ^
   | | \
   | \ ---- Mobo 2 with Exp Cards
    \ ---- Drives (Shared Floppy?)
     ---- Mobo 1, with Exp Cards

Okay, so maybe there isn't any point or anything, but I still think it's a
cool idea... Hmmm... Mac on one side, PC on the other?

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