FW: Q-bus and other boards available

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_jps.net>
Date: Thu Jul 16 00:49:41 1998

        Fellow sent me a message to the effect that he's got a stack of various
DEC and T1000 boards available. If interested, please contact him directly at:


        List follows.

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Here's a list of boards:
                  2 X G114
                  2 X G235
                  1 X H207
                  2 X H217
                  1 X M225
                  1 X M3104
                  4 X M7168
                  2 X M7169
                  1 X M7231
                  1 X M7233
                  1 X M7234
                  1 X M7235
                  1 X M7236
                  1 X M7238
                  2 X M7555
                  2 X M7606
                  2 X M7607
                  2 X M7608
                  1 X M8012
                  1 X M8027
                  1 X M8186
                  2 X M8637
                  1 X M8639
                  4 X M9047
                  2 X clearpoint Q-RAM 11B with 76 256K chips per board
packed in as tight as you could put them. Bet these burned out from heat
problems really fast!

"Codar Technology" model 120 calender clock. A battery backup, I presume -
                  2 x 3V duracell batteries on this board.

                  The other T1000 boards:
                  3 X T1019
                  1 X T1003
                  1 X T1002
                  1 X T1012
                  1 X T1014
                  2 X T1001

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