How many computers?

From: Phil Guerney <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 08:09:21 1998

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From: dave dameron <>
>Speaking of books,
>has anyone seen the book "We Built our own Computers" by A.B. Holt,
>Cambridge Univ. Press, published about 1966.

Yes, I've got it here (bought as part of a $3 per bag haul from a charity
book sale a month ago).

You are right about year and publisher, but the "author" was Bolt, not
Holt - it is part of a series called School Mathematics Project Handbooks
and A.B Bolt actually lists himself as "supervisor" of 6 Exeter School 6th
form boys who actually wrote the book.

It describes a binary adder, a NIM machine, a noughts and crosses machine

I see a few other replies, so that it is not all that rare :(
- but what exactly did you want to know for?

Phil Guerney
Brisbane, Australia
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