How many computers?

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Date: Thu Jul 16 13:10:43 1998

Phil Beesley wrote:

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>> >Speaking of books,
>> >has anyone seen the book "We Built our own Computers" by A.B. Holt,
>> >Cambridge Univ. Press, published about 1966.
> If anybody in the UK is interested in getting this book, I saw a copy
> of this recently (two or three pounds) and I'm happy to go back for
> it.

Yes please. I'll try and pop into Leic. again soon and pick it up (I
live at Coalville). If I thought I'd get to Leic. this weekend I'd say,
tell me where and I'll buy it myself. But I am fully booked for the
next three weekends, I think :-(


PS Don't forget to read it before you give it to me!
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