From: Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
Date: Thu Jul 16 17:10:00 1998

Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com> wrote:
> Aha! Now I can connect QIC36/QIC02.... My HP 250 uses DC600 type tape carts.

Don't be too sure of that. If it's a 9144 drive or one integrated in
a 79xx disc drive, it uses tapes that are mechanically the same but
with a completely different format called HCD that predates the QIC
formats and cannot be completely recorded in the field. THe format
involves full-width block markers that can't be recorded by the heads
in the drives.

Bob Niland used to post something about this over in comp.sys.hp.*
when someone popped the question. Go do a search in DejaNews for
author rjn_at_csn.net in comp.sys.hp.hardware looking for the keywords
QIC and HCD and you will probably turn it up.

-Frank McConnell
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