book "We Built our own Computers"

From: dave dameron <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 20:15:27 1998

Hi all,
At 11:09 PM 7/16/98 +1000, Phil wrote:
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>>Speaking of books,
>>has anyone seen the book "We Built our own Computers" by A.B. Bolt,
>>Cambridge Univ. Press, published about 1966. ^^
>Yes, I've got it here (bought as part of a $3 per bag haul from a charity
>book sale a month ago).
>I see a few other replies, so that it is not all that rare :(
>- but what exactly did you want to know for?
OK, Thanks,
One of my collection interests is for computer construction books and
articles. This book was mentioned in another article without any details.
If copies are floating around, I might find one yet.
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