Valve robots, was How many computers?

From: dave dameron <>
Date: Fri Jul 17 01:12:41 1998

Hi All,
At 12:57 AM 7/17/98 +0100, you wrote:
>> Has anyone built any of these? Does anyone have any extra copies?
>> >Indeed it is. 1966 IIRC
>One day I might have a go at said robotic dog - assuming I can find
>enough DF92s, etc. Doing it in transistors wouldn't be the same :-)
Any kind of description would be appreciated! What did it do? How many
tubes/valves, etc.?
I looked up the U.S. equivalent tube for the DF92 valve and found the
1L4. A similar one, much more common is a 1U4, used in many portable radios
before transistors. All battery filament (1.4 volts, 50mA) miniature pentodes.
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