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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 22:47:24 1998

> Well, then why don't the other phones sound out the data string with the
> ringers?
> >Wrong.
> >
> >Caller id senses the ring and does not go off hook as that would
> disturb
> >the CO and it is uneeded. Instead the ring is an alert to the caller
> ID
> >that data will follow and it's already camped on the line using a
> non-DC
> >(capacitor coupled) connection to avoid loading the line. this allows
> >it to hear the ring and the data.
> >
> >Allison
> >
 I have some Tapes and documentation from Northern Telecom from one of my
curbside finds. The tapes are labelled 5 Fifty 5, which I imagine is the
program name and 1600bpi 310Hci . There is also rather thick book SL-1
Business Communications System. Generic X11. Anyone wants it it's available
for shipping costs. Hate to toss it as it must be valuable to someone into

ciao larry
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