Transputer documentation required

Date: Fri Jul 17 09:56:54 1998

> > For the record, I've:
> A lot more than me :-).
> I've got a lot of compute TRAMs (T2, T4, T8 based), a SCSI TRAM, a GPIB
> TRAM and an Ethernet TRAM. Oh, and a couple of VecTRAMs (T800 + array
> processor chip).

But you can probably make them all work together! OK so I can
use the three TRAMs on the Transtech (five if I could find
another two size one TRAMs) but I have dreams of hypercubes. Sad
but true ;-)
> > A ST101 has a number of dip switches and a few jumpers (may be
> > wrong here) and a D25 connector. I've not got the pinout for
> > the connector.

I was wrong, it has 8+6 dip switches and no jumpers
> Do you have a Transputer data book? I've found it's generally quite easy
> to at least find the links, link speed jumpers, clock speed jumpers, etc
> given a transputer pinout. If you need that, I'll e-mail it to you,
> either the PGA or PLCC version.

I've a 1991 Data Book (see below) but its a bit modern for my
boards (I've nothing with crossbar switching), none of which match
the number of jumpers and dip switches but perhaps a more careful
reading by me will give me a few more hints etc.
> > > What Transputer books do you have?

Didn't recall having this many but its amazing what you can find
if you go looking:

A white corrugated plastic 'briefcase' 14" x 11" x 3" bearing the

              THE T9000 TRANSPUTER

and containing:

The transputer instruction set - a compiler writers' guide
(March 1987)
The T9000 transputer (basically a set of OHP transparencies from a
IMS T400 transputer Advance Data
(November 1989)
The Transputer Development and iq systems Databook (2nd
edition 1991)
The T9000 Transputer Products Overview Manual (1st
edition 1991)
The Transputer Applications Notebook (1st
edition 1989)
The Graphics Databook (2nd
edition 1990)
Transtech Parallel Technology Product Overview (a sales
Transtech Price Guide (for the above)
(June 1991)
Technical Note 70 Connecting 100MBaud T9000 Transputer Links
(April 1991)

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