Transputer documentation required

Date: Fri Jul 17 10:47:24 1998

> Sounds like a job for transputers :-) I assume you've already tried
> posting a query in comp.sys.transputer. It's not very active, but
> yesterday a few people were making noise about SGS Thompson T'products.

Tried comp.sys.transputer three times since late '97. As here,
lots of helpful suggestions (none on the first attempt but the
second and third ateempts were more sucessfull) but all
the documentation for these boards has vanished :-(. I'll probably
keep trying.

The sundance web site is good (with complete scanned documentation
for their later products) but not quite far enough back for ye olde

The transtech web site doesn't have the depth of information
provided by sundance.

Some of the people from gemini ended up at sundance.

I've not yet searched for microway.

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