Re-compiling old DOS

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Jul 17 08:17:04 1998

< I would _guess_ that MS-DOS was written and assembled on a CP/M system of
< some sort, until it was self-hosting. Although, it's also quite possible
< that MS-DOS was assembled on a QDOS system, since that's basically what
< it was :)

it could have been done under intel ISIS using the MDS-311 package or
IRMX-80 or IRMX-86 along with ICE pods. the 8088/86 was a already a
mature product by time IBM started the PC and there wre at least three
second sources. Also 8086 development tools from Intel, AMD and HP to
name a few were available. So developing 808x code was not a problem.
I know that as we built a system using 8088 at 8mhz to play with the
7220 GDC which was the hottest thing for graphics on one chip for before
the PC would escape into the world.

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