Transputer documentation required

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Fri Jul 17 09:39:43 1998

What exactly is a transputer and how is it different from a normal CPU?
>A transputer is a specific type of processor from inmos (IIRC), so you
>wouldn't be able to easily make one from bits of other computers

How many processors were in the Cosmic Cube? What kind of speeds did it
reach? There was once a Circuit Cellar article on building a parallel
processing computer out of a 286 and IIRC from 16 to 256
microcontrollers. All that could do was calculate the mandelbrot set,
though, at speed reachable by an i486 (yes, I know that's not the

>In fact, that was the original idea behind Cal
>Tech's Cosmic Cube which eventually led to Intel's hypercubes (such as

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