How many computers?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jul 17 10:41:21 1998

> > TRS80 model II with 3 physically huge 8 meg HDDs
> 8 meg ? not five ? Whats the type and manufacturer ?
> Do you have an online picture ?
 Yes 8 meg. They're TRS-80 branded. I believe they're MFM,
and about the size of an XT.
> > Phillips Micom 2000 dedicated WP with an 8" Shugart
> > and a Qume daisy wheel printer that has a power supply big enough
> > to power a small villiage.
> Same here: Any picture for the Micom 2000 available ?
 I have the manual which has the usual advertising blurb pictures and some
docs from their Micom Club newsletter. It could be used with a modem and
when I inquired some 5-6 years ago they still had the program. Wanted $75
for it and you still needed a board ,so I passed. I don't have a web-site or
scanner but I might be scanning a few things soon. Depends on the time they'll
let me use it. Nice machine, had some graphics ability and a better IMHO
word-processing program than Word-Perfect or Wordstar. I dont remember
what CPU it used , but I seem to remember it was one of the common ones of
the times. Might have been an 8080, not a 6800 . Have to dig it out again one
of these days. Charley Fox, a m-l subscriber has a 2001 which was an upgrade.
He might have a picture.
> Gruss
> H.
ciao larry
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