Seiko S-500

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 01:14:14 1998

Has anybody heard of the Seiko S-500? Intel mentions it in one of their
ads (from March 1973) as a desktop computer based on the 8008. It has an
integrated display, keyboard, mag card reader, and printer, and probably
predates the Micral and Scelbi. They also mention the Omni 2700 from Omni
Electronics as a micro-based "general-purpose data processing machine",
but it's not clear if it's based on the 4004 or 8008.

BTW, Intel was clearly using the term "micro computer" before March 1973.
I've seen elsewhere where it was said to have been first used to describe
the Micral.

-- Doug
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