From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Jul 19 09:31:50 1998

< >Standard paper tape stores 10 characters/inch. Each row of holes across
< >the tape is an 8-bit character, with a small 'sprocket' hole which is
< >either used to drag the tape through the reader, or to provide a strobe
< >pulse.
< Is that enough to actually do some decent stuff with the PDP-8.

Humph, PC mentality... Back beofre Gates could stand there were computers
and programmers programmed such that tens of kilobyte requirements for OSs
were inconceiveable as being bloated.

Considering the basic PDP-8 has 4k 12 bit words. Yes.

< I also have some reels of film-like tape. What's the proper name for it?
< How does it compare to the paper tape?

There are two things, mylar tape (does not decay around oils) and if the
tapes have a 4" hub and say dectape then it's a old low cost magtape.

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