classic computer list??

From: Brett <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 21:40:21 1998

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Wayne Cox wrote:
> Hi, I was given this email address as being the "Classic Computer
> Collectors List." Not sure if it is a "subscribe to" mailing list or an
> individual.

This is THE place 8-) Hope you got subscribed ok - if not - try again.
And stand back for about 50+ messages a day ranging from Z1 to the - well
latest thing (frowned on but never ignored 8-)

> I have some antiquated DEC equipment I'd like to see find a
> good home and was refered here.

Interesting thought - I mean IS there such a thing as an -
       'antiquated DEC equipment'
I thought not 8-) Your ISP is out of Ohio... Is that where the equipment
is? A list of what is available and where would help out a lot.

> -Wayne Cox

Once again - Welcome!

   Name: Classic Computer Rescue List
         (Collectors by areas)
   Name: The Classic Computer Encyclopedia Page
         (Darn near dead - no input for about 6 months...)
   Name: Classic Computer ListOp
         (Hmmmm... Bill - ya want to move this to a working system?)
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