How many computers?

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sun Jul 19 22:04:26 1998

In defense of the big iron...

IBM 5100 & 5103
    RS/6000 PowerServer 930/T3B (from Illinois)
    RS/6000 PowerStation 320H
Sun SPARCstation 370
    SPARCstation ELC
    3/280 or 4/280 (depending on which CPU I throw in)
Interdata 14
    LINC-8 (gutted)
    PDP-11/23 (never used!)
    VAXstation 2000
DG Nova 4
   Eclipse S/230
HP 2100A

Coming down the road...

SGI 4D/380 (two)
CDC Cyber 910 (not a real Cyber, a real one may be coming, however)

Not really mine anymore, but I still have...

Spheres (lots, at least one of everything they made, I think)
SWTPC 6800
Motorola Exorcisor

  (this lot is going to RCS/RI, so Allison can play with it)

William Donzelli
Received on Sun Jul 19 1998 - 22:04:26 BST

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