From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 04:14:32 1998

>> Just want to brag, like the rest of you about this weeks' find. A
>> Compaq SLT 286!! Anyone know anything about it, how much it's worth??

hmm, was there sarcasm buried in there or not? :)

I've got one of those things somewhere... weighs about five tons and the
battery lasts for about five minutes. Still, they were pretty well built
machines, had mono VGA screens, the one I've got has a 42MB hard drive
in it (which I suppose was pretty damn good for a laptop of that time).

not really worth anything now (seem to remember they were over 4000 UK
pounds when new - isn't depreciation great? ;) but you may find a use
for it...

(I suppose it has some nostalgia value for me - it was my first exposure
to the world of PCs... I remember the hard drive on mine had been
partitioned into two, and I spent months marvelling at a whole 12MB of
space before I found the other 30MB ;*)


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