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From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Jul 21 00:37:11 1998

John Ruschmeyer wrote:
> > the wires to the battery terminals). And now matter how many times I
> > pressed the on button, the #*%^)!$ thing wouldn't start. Ideas?
> > >Surely you mean 170mA here. It's normal to charge at the C/10 rate,
> at
> > >least when trickle charging. And I'd give it about 14 hours to make
> up
> > >for losses in the battery (you never get the energy out that you
> put
> > in).
> COmpaq LTE lite? Check the CMOS battery...

I have a Compaq LTE that was given to me because it didn't work with
identical symptoms. I pulled the whole thing apart and removed the
system unit from the case, and *then* I saw the little CMOS cell that
was dead. Spending $3.00 or so for a new Lithium battery seemed a bit
steep to fix a freebee machine, but I guess someone has to do those sort
of things :).
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