From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Jul 21 02:35:58 1998

> > This one I must agree with. Thank god I had some metric phillips
> > drivers to turn those Torx screws!!!
> > >You forgot one category: Most difficult to open. The last LTE I tried
> > to
> > >open required the skill of a surgeon to dissassemble.
> Since when does the use of Torx screws make something difficult to
> dismantle? They're a lot better than the crosspoint (Phillips, Pozidriv,
> etc) screws, which almost seem to be designed to cause the driver to 'cam
> out' when you try to shift them.
 Amen to that. I'll take the Torx or Robertsons over the Phillips or blade
for that matter any day. I used to have a bicycle shop and many times
would have to drill out or cut screws that had lossed their corners.
 The Torx is a constant topic of discussion on the classic mac m-l ,
as the early Macs needed the longer Torx to open them up. It seems
that the longer ones are harder to find in England according to the
msgs from "over "ome" .

> Dismantling is easy, anyway. It's getting it back together that's
> interesting...
> -tony
 Generally I'd agree, but in the case of the DEC VR201 I was challenged.
It took me some 2 hrs. and I was ready to rip the case off before I finally
figured out that "that interesting little button on the rear" concealed THE
screw that held it all together. I think some fine art students on peyote
must have designed that case. It is unique I will admit.

ciao larry
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