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From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Tue Jul 21 02:36:01 1998

> Lawrence Walker wrote:
Nope, wrong attribute. I can only wish that I was as knowledgeable as you
and the writer on theTRS80 m.II.
 Hey Ward, I see you have a home page. What about hosting a Model II, m.16
6000 page. It would be the only one among a plethora of other TRS80 pages
which Always have a gap in their coverage of Models 1,3,4 , CoCo !,2.3.100,200
Tandy 1000 etc.,etc. The model II orphans would bless you. You're certainly
knowledgeable enough about it coming from a RS background. Tandy only has a
minimal bit of stuff on it re mod.IIs and there's no other source that I've
been able to find.

> > To clearify, a Model II requires an additional CPU card. This is a MC68000 CPU
> > with a daughter card or two that may contain from 128K to 1 Meg of RAM. It
> > depends. There were several memory card configurations. I have some from
> > the 128K to the 1 Meg varity. The really rare ones are the 4 Meg memory cards.
> There was never a Tandy 4 Meg card. Bob Snapp had boards to take a 16
> or 6000 up to 8 Meg, but the memory management permitted only a max of
> 1 Meg "user" RAM -- the rest could be used as RAM disk, permitting a
> /dev/swap far larger and faster than Tandy hardware. It was damned
> impressive to see his stuff at the Tangent conference in Fort Worth in
> 1986, 15 terminals (plus console) filePro databases faster than a stock
> system could with three users.

ciao larry
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