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Safety things...

 LP25 gas springs that would die and drop the lid on the unwary head under

 Service engineer installing an RL02 in top of a mostly empty 50" cab has
 it topple forward and suffers injury. Reason, failed to extend and tighten
 anti-tip foot in the front of cab, disk installed against recommendations.
 Injuries include fracture and lacerations to leg.

In the greater realm there are some that are near urban legend save for
companies really paid for the frivilous though profitable(for someone)
litigation of the 80s.

Person tries to commit suicide using electric drill. Not fatal, significant
brain damage. Heirs sue and the award is in the millions. Reason, does not
say the drill should not be used for surgery.

Two guys get drunk, decide they need to trim the hedges using gas powered
lawn mower. Non fatal, loss of fingers. Suit paid out of court for 7
digits, reason; didn't say you can't use it for other than mowing lawn
anywhere on the machine. Following years all sorts of blade brakes, kill
switches and labels appear.

Pilot and passenger die in 1947 Piper Cub afer crashing on take off.
Two fatal, payment over $25,000,000. Reason, no shoulder harnesses.
Special note: Private pilot didn't have required valid flight review for
that two year period needed to exercise the privilge of pilot in command.
The pilot did not have the required flight time in the previous 90 days
to exercise the privledge of carrying passengers. The purpose of flight
was commercial photography (private pilot cannot hire out). The plane
was modified illegally and improperly to mount a camara for the purpose of
the flight was the cause of the loss of visibility for the pilot. The FAA
issued in 1978 a directive that all aircraft will have shoulder harnesses
installed. Despite an illegal operation, non complying pilot and aircraft
an excuse was found to force libility on the manufacturer of the plane of
some 40+ years age.

< 1. Discourage third party maintenance.

Least of the worries. Not a competative issue in reality. Cost to repair
was near cost ot manufacuture so they had better be cheap.

< 2. Avoid having the problems caused by the #$%^&* plastic clips on the
< VT100 breaking. Is there a cheap source of 'em for my pile of VT100's
< I've been using bolts and crazy glue and nuts when needed.

That was also a consideration. as time progresed better fasteners, cost
driven elements and producability items would all instigate various

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