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Date: Tue Jul 21 21:39:26 1998

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>> Pilot and passenger die in 1947 Piper Cub afer crashing on take off.
>> Two fatal, payment over $25,000,000. Reason, no shoulder harnesses.
>> Special note: Private pilot didn't have required valid flight review for
>> that two year period needed to exercise the privilge of pilot in command.
>> The pilot did not have the required flight time in the previous 90 days
>> to exercise the privledge of carrying passengers. The purpose of flight
>> was commercial photography (private pilot cannot hire out). The plane
>> was modified illegally and improperly to mount a camara for the purpose of
>> the flight was the cause of the loss of visibility for the pilot. The FAA
>> issued in 1978 a directive that all aircraft will have shoulder harnesses
>> installed. Despite an illegal operation, non complying pilot and aircraft
>> an excuse was found to force libility on the manufacturer of the plane of
>> some 40+ years age.
>Disgusting that that was allowed. Jury trial leaves a lot open to who
>can pick the most sympathetic jury.
>> Allison

  I have to throw in my 2 cents worth. You read about this stuff but you
wonder if it really happens. IT DOES! A member of my family was one of
the defendents in a trial very similar to this. The thing about that trial
that amazed me was the facts that were keep FROM the jury. The behind the
scenes rangling to suppress evidence was incredible. It's no wonder lawyers
get such huge settlements considering how the jurys are manipulated and
spoon feed only what the lawyers want them to hear.

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