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Date: Tue Jul 21 23:50:37 1998

My regular adult job is designing industrial vacuum systems for process
vacuum. We have to, by law, put decals on our machines by the wire guard for
the cooling fan that it's dangerous to stick your fingers in a rotating fan and by
the control panel that it's dangerous to stick your fingers inside of a live 460 volt
control panel.

My feeling is that if you are stupid enough to require those decals, a) you have
absolutely no business trying to install and run one of our machines, and b)
you deserve what you get when you shove your fingers into a rotating fan.

Just heard a story about a guy who defeated the safety catches on a sheet
metal shear and removed the fingers on one hand. When OSHA and plant
safety guys had him go through a recreation so they could figure out how to
prevent morons like him bypassing the interlocks again, he promptly bypassed
the safeties and removed the fingers from the other hand.

I agree. At some point, natural selection plays a part................
Paul Braun
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