Overpriced ZX80

From: Hans Franke <franke_at_sbs.de>
Date: Wed Jul 22 07:52:57 1998

>> $460!!!! That CAN'T right! I going to throw away my Altair and start
>> looking for Sinclairs to sell on E-pay!

> But to us british the ZX80 has the same nostalgic value as an Altair. The
> highest price I have seen a ZX80 go for here in the UK was 180 UKP but
> this example was fully boxed, the correct manuals, mint condition and
> known to work.

460 USD ? 180 UKP ?


And I just gave away a ZX80 for free last week (to a
fellow collector - Stefan, did you check it ? Working ?).

Althrugh it is an early ZX80 (see the glossing 'Keyboard' ?
Later modells had a darkened keymat to give a chance for
guessing the keys) I wouldn't pay anything more than
DM 80-100 (~ USD 60, UKP 30) - no way. ZX80 is sill somewhat
common. There are a lot of newer devices that are realy rare.

Shure, the ZX81 is for most people more nostalgic than
any KIM, AIM or Altair, since it was (together with the
ZX81) the first computer for a real lot of people.


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