From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Wed Jul 22 12:16:05 1998

> While we're on this subject, are stupid lawsuits as common in UK
and other countries as the US?

There was the slander lawsuit in the UK brought by McDonalds against
some food activist pressure group. On the surface it sounded stupid,
took forever, but in the end it proved to be a wise business choice for
McDonalds. IIRC McDonalds won some small victory from it but it was a
brilliant first strike to stop any future pressure groups.

On the other hand even McDonalds loses a few. I think it was the
McDonalds in downtown Shanghai, the Chinese Govt decided they wanted the
property and booted McD out even thought McD had a lease on it. McD
tried to sue in Chinese court, which surely qualifies as a stupid
lawsuit in China.
        Jack peacock
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