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Date: Wed Jul 22 13:27:38 1998

>>> Pilot and passenger die in 1947 Piper Cub afer crashing on take off.
>>> Two fatal, payment over $25,000,000. Reason, no shoulder harnesses.

[rest of story snipped - you've all seen it several times!]

> I have to throw in my 2 cents worth. You read about this stuff but you
> wonder if it really happens. IT DOES! A member of my family was one of
> the defendents in a trial very similar to this. The thing about that trial
> that amazed me was the facts that were keep FROM the jury. The behind the
> scenes rangling to suppress evidence was incredible. It's no wonder
> lawyers get such huge settlements considering how the jurys are
> manipulated and spoon feed only what the lawyers want them to hear.

What price the oath to tell "the whole truth"?

(In danger of getting seriously off topic here!)

If our American friends will forgive my patriotic prejudice, the main
reason I have less than no wish to go and work/live in the US is the
legal system and culture that generates occurrences like these.

It is marginally (but only marginally) better over here - European
harmonisation is making it worse, as did the Margaret Thatcher

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