New rescue list

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Wed Jul 22 16:41:38 1998

>Okay, I am now irked enough at that dead "Rescue List", that I've put up my
>own version of it, copied from the old one. I hereby bring the ancient curse
>upon myself.


>I'm also planning obfuscation of e-mail addresses, to foil spammers. My
>favorite scheme is to insert extra letters, and leave an English description
>of how to correct it (such as abcxde_at_foox.baxr "remove x's"). Let me know
>if you object to this treatment of your address.

That hardly seems worth it. Do that robots really browse web pages for
email addresses (particularly pages like this)? And what if my email
address has an 'x' in it?

Anyway, please add me to the list.

Tom Owad
York, PA
Location: Southcentral PA., Willing to pick up. How far I'll go depends
on how interesting the computer is.
Area of Interest: Anything other than IBM PC's and compatibles,
especially Apples and DECs


Sysop of Caesarville Online
Client software at: <>
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