VLB Ethernet card

From: Jack Peacock <peacock_at_simconv.com>
Date: Wed Jul 22 17:58:34 1998

>I'm not sure if this would qualify as classic or not, but I have a
little VLB 486 machine that needs a 32-bit Ethernet BNC NIC.

Hmm, IIRC VLB hasn't been around for 10 years, but I am curious to know
if anyone made a VLB network card, I don't recall ever seeing one. I
have some 486's running miscellaneous NT chores that could use a boost
on network I/O.

Along those lines, and closer to that 10 year limit, has anyone ever
tried to overclock the Cyrix 486DLC or Dr2 replacement CPUs for 386DX's?
Or for that matter, the Cyrix 586 CPUs that fit in 486 sockets? As in
running a 586-120 at a base 40Mhz, upping it to 160Mhz?
        Jack Peacock
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