Another find - Multitech FM-30 Accoustic Coupler.

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 15:12:57 1998

> I think it's dead.
> I plugged it in, turned it on, and the Power light comes on,
> about 1/2 second later. regardless of what it's plugged into or
> not, the Carrier light comes high.

I have no experience with acoustically-coupled modems, but here goes anyway.
That may be a customizable setting of the modem (you can force modern modems
to always assume a carrier, I believe).

> I have an old style phone, I dialed out rack (I think the modems will
> go down to 300 baud...) waited for the 1st ring and shoved it in the coupler.
> No dice.

Is there a VOICE/DATA switch somewhere? (Now that I think about it, this
doesn't make sense if the modem always assumes carrier, but it's worth a shot
I suppose.)

That switch would be used on combination voice & data lines (you call --
your friend answers -- you both agree to start the data connection -- you flip
the switch and your friend does the same).

-- Derek
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