Compaq//safety issues

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 18:33:26 1998

You will LART me for sure because of this question. Is it possible to
use the neutral side of a socket for ground? What, in fact, is the
difference? (dopeslaps start flying in)

>The best way is probably to use a proper isolating transformer. In
>words have neither side of the 110V going to the PC connected to earth.
>A cheater adapter is also fine, provided you connect the 'pigtail' to a
>local earth point. Note that the fixing screw of the outlet (and hence
>the mounting box/conduit) may not be earthed. Should be, but I'd not
>my life on it.
>> So, why have I never felt anything touching a PC case? I've done it
>> many times, I've touched insides many times, and I've never felt so
>> much as a tingle. Would I be able to use a VOM to find this voltage?
>Depends on a lot of things - how well earthed _you_ are (if there's no
>way a current can flow through you, then you'll not feel anything). The
>values of the capacitors used - low enough, and the current will also
>too low to feel. In practice, this should be the case, but having seen
>cheap PC power supplies I'd not trust them. Oh, and how sensitive you
>to the current.
>In theory, if you connect one side of a high-impedance AC voltmeter to
>local earth point (or, indeed, the neutral side of the socket), and the
>other side to the PC chassis without an earth connection, you should be
>able to measure 55V.

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