Epson QX-10, CP/M

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 19:28:21 1998

On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, PG Manney wrote:

> I have a customer (Yes, Virginia, I have two customers) who has an Epson
> QX-10 running CP/M.
> His (external) hard disk is reporting bad sectors; he wishes to switch to an
> ST-506/412 Vertex 185, which I think is 20 MB.

I find no data for the Vertex 185, but it should have at least as many heads
and cylinders as the disk replaced. That is, unless the CP/M HD format
program is more flexible than most.
> I would like to test the Vertex 185 under Spinrite (MS-DOS) and expand the
> bad track table, if Spinrite discovers more problems.
> I have questions --
> Will the bad track information carry over under CP/M, and will its format
> utility see the MS-DOS info? Otherwise, should we just make a list and enter
> it?

I think not. Most CP/M HD format programs that I have run across do not
offer the facility to enter bad block data. After format, run a program
such as FINDBAD.COM, which will identigy bad blocks and mark them as used
in the USER 15 directory.
> Is there a low-level format utility in CP/M? Is it necessary, as under

It is all done in a single operation. No separate LL and HL formats.
The entire disk will be filled with sectors full of 0E5H's.
> What is the QX-10 controller card going to think of a different hard drive?

Probably, won't note it.

> Will it try to run the new drive as a 10 MB?

As I said, unless it is a more flexible than most HD format program, it
will format the same number of heads and cylinders as the previous HD.

> Thanks,

Your welcome.
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