Another find - Multitech FM-30 Accoustic Coupler.

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 19:54:29 1998

"Daniel A. Seagraves" <> wrote:
> What is one supposed to do with these?

Way back when, the drill went like this:

(a) dial remote modem's number on phone (as though placing a voice
(b) listen for remote modem to answer and whistle answer
    carrier at you
(c) put phone's handpiece in acoustic coupler
(d) acoustic coupler should notice answer carrier and begin
    whistling its originate carrier
(e) start typing

I'm thinking that (d) might take longer these days; I don't know
how long it takes these newfangled modems to get around to sending
a tone that is recognizable as a Bell 103 answer carrier. It used
to be immediate because that's what the modems on the other end
tended to try first.

-Frank McConnell
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