Operation of old modems

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyn.ml.org>
Date: Thu Jul 23 20:12:55 1998

> I just picked up an old BellSouth 212A modem, and don't know how to make
> it go. It has a handful of pushbuttons on the front (AL ST RL DL HS TLK),
> and doesn't respond to the Hayes command set. Am I supposed to dial the
> phone myself, and then tell the modem to wake up when I hear the carrier,
> like with the old acoustic modems? Any ideas on what those abbreviations
> are? I'm guessing HS = "high speed", probably meaning 1200 baud. :-)
> And TLK must be "talk". The others have me stumped. Maybe AL is "analog
> loopback"?)
> Hints would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bill.

The AT&T Dataphone 212A sets required a dataphone with dial to work.
You dialed manually and pushed the data button and the modem would
take over and come up with carrier if the remote side answered.
It was kind of like dialing and pushing HOLD for the modem to take over.

I think there was a hack you could do to use it phone-less dialing from
a non-dataphone set.


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