Epson QX-10, CP/M

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 20:52:47 1998

< I would like to test the Vertex 185 under Spinrite (MS-DOS) and expand t
< bad track table, if Spinrite discovers more problems.

You could but,...

< Will the bad track information carry over under CP/M, and will its forma
< utility see the MS-DOS info? Otherwise, should we just make a list and e
< it?

Depending on the controller used likely no for the Bad block info and NO
for the format.

< Is there a low-level format utility in CP/M? Is it necessary, as under

Maybe, it's generally machine/controller specific. Necessary yes.
General purpose no. REason for that is like floppy controllers
hard disk controler of the era varied from system to system.

< What is the QX-10 controller card going to think of a different hard dri
< Will it try to run the new drive as a 10 MB?

it depends what the controller passes back to the bios and if the bios can
even be reconfigured. FYI: CP/M2 disks over 8mb must be partitioned to
multiple 8mb (or less) logical drives. The file system can only address
65536 128byte logical sectors and up to 16 logical drives.

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