a whatsits: Grid 1535 EXP

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Jul 23 21:33:42 1998

I found a strange looking computer today. It's a Grid 1535 EXP computer and
it has a extra pod that clamped on the computer. The pod contains a HP-IB
port. There an empty slot to the left of the HP-IB port, what's it for?
There's also an empty hole roughly 1 x 2 inches next to the power connector
on the laptop. Is that where the battery is supposed to go? I also got a
extra battery pack that also clamps to the outside fo the computer. Does
any know the specs on this computer? It has a co-axial power connector.
What voltage and polarity power does it require? What's the story with the
HP-IB port and how do you access it?

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