Mac Portable SW

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 01:04:15 1998

> More on my Mac Portable...
> Well, I've found out that the Mac Portable doesn't like the System 6
> installer disks that I have, so I downloaded the System 6.0.8 files from
> Apple. They are in the ".sea.bin" format. What's the best way to get these
> images to 800k Mac disks from the PC?
 Those $#%&$*^% 800 k disks. There are ways, but I have yet to successfully
download and transfer anything to my Mac+ . The earlier Mac FAQ straight out
said it couldn't be done. Likely the easiest way is to find some one to do it
on his Superdrive to a formatted 800 disk.

> Also, I need a new 40mb drive, the Conner CP-3045 (aka, the
> Anyone have one and is willing to part with it?
> Thanks.
ciao larry
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