From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_jps.net>
Date: Fri Jul 24 09:43:32 1998

        Can anyone give Seth a good push in the right direction? If so, give
him a buzz.

        SPECIAL NOTE: John, if you're looking to clear out space in the form
of your PDP-11/34, this could be a great opportunity.

        Attachment follows.

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>>From: "Seth J. Morabito" <sethjm_at_ricochet.net>
>>Newsgroups: comp.sys.dec,comp.sys.dec.micro
>>Subject: WANTED: PDP-11 or PDP-8
>>Date: 24 Jul 1998 02:51:10 EDT
>>Organization: Loom Communications
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>>Hello folks,
>>I would dearly love to find a pdp-11 (preferably with some sort of
>>secondary storage, including RX01,RX02,RK05,RL02, or RD53) or, much more
>>preferably, a pdp-8 (original 8, 8i, or 8e), somewhere convenient to
>>the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Software and manuals are,
>>of course, always welcome!
>>Surely, someone must be getting ready to de-commission a system which
>>has served its purpose and is no longer needed? I would love to take
>>it off your hands! I preserve and restore old systems, both for the
>>memories and for the enjoyment of it. DEC has always been my favorite,
>>for sentimental reasons. And I can't bear the thought of any of that
>>classic equipment going to scrap.
>>Thank you,
>>-Seth Morabito

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