Systems coming up for sale!

From: Dellett, Anthony <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 11:28:20 1998

Well, I figured since my glomming on to one of these systems is pretty
much guaranteed, I'd let the rest of you know about them.

My father is one of the managers of the FAA Data Center in Seattle, WA.
He is excessing 12 Data General MV/15000 systems.

As far as I can tell, the systems include:

        3 Disk Units
        1 RtR 9 Track Tape Unit
        1 MPU Unit
        1 Console Unit

Mind you, this is a lot of steel to move (I'm prolly going to have a
moving company bring me mine) not to mention store (I'm going to be
moving my entire collection to some cheap office space here in Lawrence,

For those of you who dont know what the excess process is, this is the
way I understand it.

        1. Government agency decides they dont need something anymore
        2. Agency begins porting any applications on system (a month to
        3. Agency offers system to all other government agencies
        4. If all other agencies refuse system, system goes to public

According to my father, these systems will be going for a ridiculous
price (like $200-$300, I'm getting mine fer free :) but the buyer needs
to arrange shipping.

Mind you, the data centers are all over the US, not just in Seattle so
it is possible that one will be closer geographically to you.

I'll post another message to the list when the systems are closer to
public sale.

Tony Dellett
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