New apple additions.

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Date: Fri Jul 24 16:04:03 1998

since i requested today off, i hit the thrift stores since i havent been able
to recently. i found a complete TI professional but left it as i presume it's
just an xt clone. found a //c drive in the box, but at $10, i left it. i did

copy 2+ version 9 complete
quark catalyst with disks
prodos inside and out w/ disk
beagle graphics +disk
something called talk is cheap ver 3.1 w/ disk
beagle bros pronto dos/disk
bb triple dump /disk
a book called the dostalk scrapbook which explains apple dos 3.3
epson printer interface for apple //c
apple //c tech ref.
also got a nice pc tower case for $2 after i exclaimed it was blank and
nothing inside. lol.
there were a few more apple manuals and some beagle brothers software called
timeout-something or other, but i left that. might go back again.

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