Apple ][ file conversion

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 17:43:09 1998

On Jul 24, 13:57, Max Eskin wrote:
> Subject: Apple ][ file conversion
> Several months ago, I was given an A][+, with a z80 card and a bunch
> of program, as well as data, disks. It has a printer interface card.
> What is the easiest way to transfer the data on these disks (CP/M 3.3
> various programs, mainly Wordstar 2.x) onto a PC or mac? Is there a
> PC program that will read Apple CP/M disks? I couldn't easily do it
> with a Mac since these are 5.25" disks.

Apple ][ disks don't use standard FM or MFM encoding, so Macs and PCs can't
read them. If you can find a serial car for the Apple, the easiest way
would be to get a copy of Kermit-65 (for DOS 3.3 files) and/or Kermit80
(for CP/M) and transfer the files over a serial link -- that's what I do.

Kermit-65 comes with instructions on how to get it into an Apple that
doesn't already have any kind of file transfer software, and IIRC Kermit80
has some similar instructions. You can get Kermit by anonymous ftp from, or, or from any of
several mirror sites.

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