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From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Jul 24 17:48:07 1998

I assume you mean the apps. CP/M and DOS are fairly similar
>While I do some of it on PC, more over time there are things I can do
>faster and easier on the s100 crate or even the Kaypro.

I don't know
>I do, did you misread?

Why do you need an 8" controller? The same floppy controller can be
used for both 5.25" and 3.5". There never were any jumpers for any
MFM drives, nor have I seen much for IDE drives. This has nothing to
do with PCI or PnP. Just set the correct type in the BIOS and that's it
>Why the "if you can plug one in"? Will plug and puke really work?
>do you do if it doesn't? What slot does the 8" controller from the XT
>plug into on the PCI only board?

In fact, I am not familiar with any real difference between PCI and
ISA controllers. I have never had any floppy problems. The reason
why I said 'if you can plug one in' is because the 5.25" drives use
edge connectors, unlike 3.5" which use BERG strips (is that what
they're called?). This is the biggest problem one is likely to have.

>Keeping in mind I was referring to systems in place and working as they
>have for more years that M$ existed. Any bugs and the like have long
>since been worked out or are at least well known. For someone makeing
>steel parts or whatnot the OS, CPU and all that jazz really doesn't
>matter when his task is to punch holes in 500 pieces a day.

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