Boards for grabs

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Fri Jul 24 19:42:21 1998

What kind of boards? Was it single-board or backplane or what?
Also, what are the key differences between Hp and PC?
>>I have a bunch of boards that I would like to move to a good home,
>>otherwise I will scrap them out. _ANY_ offers over shipping costs will
>>Set of boards for an HP150 system! I am not sure what the processor
> Are you kidding! It's an 8088! It runs at 5 MHz MOL just like a PC.
>Some 150 even had the optional 8087. The 150 was one of those ALMOST
>PC compatibles. I have at least eight or nine of them and they're all
>working. Most of them are looking for homes. Hint, hint!
>(lots of HP house numbers, but I do see an 8041A and 9914A, neither of
>>which are the main processors). I have a motherboard with an jack for
>>RJ45 keyboard, HPIB connector, and two RS232 ports. I also have a
>>with lots of 4164 DRAMs, another with RAMs and ROMs, another mystery
>>board, and a module that says 3278 interface (HP #45641A).
> The 45641 is an optional 3278 Emulation board. It costs $1200 in the
>HP catalog.
> If no one wants the boards, I'll take them for the cost of shipping.
> Joe
>>William Donzelli

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